Bike Accessories Value Pack
Bike Accessories Value Pack
Bike Accessories Value Pack

Bike Accessories Value Pack

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Accessorize your bike today with the LittleMissMatched Bike Accessories Value Pack! This wonderful accessories pack comes in a super cute pink basket and it has grips, handlebar streamers, a bike bell, and some colorful spoke charm to make your bike more fun! Designed to add some extra flair to your child's bike, the pink plastic basket also has a pretty unicorn on the front of it. The grips are pink and blue, the handlebar streamers are made from assorted patterns of ribbon, the bike bell is blue with a unicorn on it and the spoke charms come in assorted colors and shapes. This is a really cute collection of accesories that will add some extra style to any bike.

LittleMissMatched Bike Accessories Value Pack:

  • All accesories come in a pink plastic basket with a unicorn on the front

  • Comes with pink and blue handgrips

  • Comes with assorted pattern ribbon handlebar streamers

  • Comes with a blue bell with a unicorn on it

  • Comes with assorted color and shaped spoke charms

  • Set is recommended for ages 3 and up